To win this race anything is justified! Change the race track surface, change the weather condition, throw obstacles in the path of your opponents. Even change car parts or the driver!

ReviraVolta (“Turnaround” in Portuguese) is a racing game using cards. These cards are used to represent your car and driver during the race; the condition of the track and the weather, obstacles, and special events. Initially your car and driver are represented by 3 cards drawn at random, composing the driver, the car body, and the car’s method of locomotion. You have a hand of five cards at your disposal. The first player to complete a lap of the race track is the winner.

Each turn you have a chance to take an action and then move your car, or you can move your car and then act. The distance your car moves depends on the interaction between the parts of your car, and the prevailing condition of the track and the weather.

As an action you can play a card from your hand to replace parts of your car or driver to improve the distance your car moves. You can also play a card to replace the prevailing conditions, possibly increasing your car movement, or adversly effecting the movement of the other players. There are also obstacle cards to slow down another player. ReviraVolta cards swap the driver or parts of the car amongst all the players. At the end of your turn you draw cards to return to a hand of 5.

Use your action wisely because in ReviraVolta the winner is the player who can overcome obstacles, and use the weather variations and changes to the race track to her best advantage!

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