Professional Experience

University Professor

Start: february 2013 End: august 2013
InstitutionUniversidade Nove de Julho (UNINOVE)
Post: Professor at the undergraduate course of Digital Games (as a regular employee)
Workload: 8 hours per week

  • Co-creation of course and disciplines curricula
  • Teaching the discipline “Orientação a Objetos para Jogos” (“Object Orientation for Games”)
  • Teaching the discipline “Programação de Jogos com ActionScript 3” (“Game Programming with ActionScript 3”)

University Professor

Start: february 2012 End: august 2013
Institution: Centro Universitário Senac (Lapa Tito Unity)
Post: Professor at the graduate courses of Digital Games and Web Management (as a regular employee)
Workload: 18 hours per week

  • Teaching the discipline “Técnicas de Programação para Jogos” (“Game Programming Techniques”) in the Digital Games course
  • Teaching the discipline “Inteligência Artificial para Jogos” (“Game Artificial Intelligence”) in the Digital Games course
  • Teaching the discipline “Tópicos Avançados em Web” (“Advanced Topics on Web”) in the Web Management course
  • Supervision of student final works in both Digital Games and Web Management courses

Software Engineer

Start: march 2006 End: february 2012
Institution: Alstom Brazil (Transport)
Post: Software Engineer (as a regular employee)
Workload: 40 hours per week

  • Planning and architecture of metro and railway transport control systems
  • Development of embedded control systems (C++ under QNX and C# under Windows Embedded)
  • Development of central control systems (C++ and C# under Windows)
  • Development of Human-Computer Interfaces (QNX, Windows and Web)

University Professor

Start: august 2005 End: june 2006
Institution: Instituto Brasileiro de Tecnologia Avançada (IBTA)
Post: Professor at the undergraduate course of Information Systems (as a regular employee)
Workload: 8 hours per week

  • Teaching the discipline “Programação para a Internet” (“Internet Programming”)
  • Teaching the discipline “Arquitetura de Sistemas Web” (“Architecture of Web Systems”)
  • Supervision of student final works

Systems Analyst

Start: august 2003 End: february 2006
Institution: Tecnologia Bancária S.A. (TecBan)
Post: Systems Analyst (as a regular employee)
Workload: 40 hours per week

  • Research and prospecting of security and customer services technology for automated teller machines (ATMs)
  • Research and prospecting of demand prediction and cash management for (ATMs)
  • Development of security and monitoring systems for ATMs (Shellscript and C++ under AIX and HP-UX)
  • Development of cusomer service systems for ATMs (C++ and Java under Windows)
  • Development of Human-Computer Interfaces (AIX, HP-UX, Windows and Web)

Systems Analyst

Start: january 2003 End: july 2003
Institution: OpenConcept
Post: Systems Analyst (as a freelance)
Workload: 40 housr per week

  • Management of small team of programmers (juniors and interns)
  • Planning and architecture of credit card management systems
  • Development of finantial management systems (Shellscript, C++ and Java under AIX and Solaris)
  • Development of Human-Computer Interfaces (AIX and Solaris)

Intern, Systems Analyst and Researcher

Start: march 1997 End: january 2003
Institution: TOTVS S.A. (former Microsiga S.A.)
Post: Intern, Systems Analyst and Researcher (intern for six months and the remaining as a regular employee)
Workload: 40 hours per week

  • Presentations (both national and international) about the company’s technology
  • Creation of material and trainning of employees on the company’s technology
  • Planning and architecture of the base technology used to develop Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Development of custom compiler and application/web server (ADVPL/PROTHEUS technology) (C++ under Windows, Unix and Linux)
  • Creation and maintaining of the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) (Delphi 5 and QT under Windows)
  • Development of management systems for shops (Clipper 5.1)
  • Development of financial, inventory and production management systems (Clipper 5.1)
  • Custom developments for clients (Clipper 5.1)
  • Development of Human-Computer Interfaces (Windows, Unix and Linux)