PhD in Computer Science

Start: february 2012 End: november 2015 (estimated)
InstitutionInstitute of Mathematics and Statistics (University of São Paulo)
Thesis: Assessment of Fun from the Analysis of Facial Expressions to Support Video Game Design

Specialisation in Games: Production and Programing

Start: march 2010 End: august 2011
InstitutionSenac University Centre (Lapa Tito Unity)
Course Conclusion Work: Humour Lenses: Using Comedy to Project a Digital Game for Mobile Devices (original portuguese title: “Lentes do Humor: Utilização da Comédia no Projeto de um Jogo Digital para Dispositivos Móveis)

Master in Computer Engineering

Start: february 2005 End: june 2009
InstitutionSão Paulo State Institute for Technological Research
Dissertação: A Multiagent System to Estimate the Coverage of an Alluminum Alloy Plate Submitted to Peen Forming Process (original portuguese title: “Um Sistema Multiagente para a Estimação da Cobertura de Chapas Metálicas Submetidas à Conformação por Jateamento de Granalhas”)

Undergraduate in Data Processing Technology

Start: august1994 End: june 1997
InstitutionSão Paulo State Technological College (State Centre of Technological Education)