Dim Mockson goes to the Football

In this game you and Dim Mockson are adversaries and your goal is to mock that dim-witted whenever possible! In order to do so, you will have to solve the puzzles proposed in each level of a point-and-click styled game.

Dim Mockson goes to the Football is a game prototype created during the especialization course of digital games at the Centro Universitário SENAC São Paulo, targeted to mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets). It is a series of puzzles with a comedy bias, taking place in different scenarios (such as at the Theatre, at the Supermarket, etc). It is played by interacting with stationary elements in each level. In this prototype the player and Dim are supporters for different brazilian football teams (such as Peche, Curingas, Bananeiras and Bicolor – those are mocking variations of the real names) and there is only one level and one solution available.

Some game images
Video of the gameplay
More on the game
  • Cocreated with Danilo G. Rios
  • Art by Danilo G. Rios
  • Programming by Luiz C. Vieira
  • Demo game built for the conclusion of the especialization course in digital games at the SENAC São Paulo
  • Visit the game project at Github